A Goodbye to a Brother

Today was a day that brought happiness and sadness at the same time. It made me confused about my own feelings. My elder brother who is more like a friend to me, left us for a country for an unknown time period. I will miss him for sure, i still am though it’s just been 2 hours he left home. Its events like these that make us want to think about the life we are living, are we giving it our best or just passing our time.

Nowadays everything is new for me, i am in my hometown, a country i was born in, but is a stranger to me because i left it at the age of just an year old. I came back here after 24 years and still am trying to adjust to it. The good thing though is everyone ariund is insanely sweet to the extent that i find it fake. Leaving behind a country where you have spend your whole life, your childhood, your memories, those streets that you walked, that houses you lived in, it comes and haunt you in your memories afterwards.

I hope one day ill walk those streets again and reunite with the people i have know.

To be continued …

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