The Call of Death

Well sometimes i guess sadness doesn’t only affect your mental heath but also changes you physically. Today i woke up to find my muscles tightened up for no definite reason. I though maybe it would be because of yesterday’s Goodbye. It was a rather calm day with a bright sunshine but suddenly it all changed in just a second.

Call it a culture or tradition, when someone dies in our society we gather people from our surroundings by announcing the persons identity and the time and location of a funeral through a speaker in a moving van. So its rather an open invitation where anyone can attend the funeral and pray for the forgiveness of the soul.

I wasn’t aware of this custom of calling before as i had just moved here after 24 years. Death for me was something scary and horrifying. Nowadays i hear these call 6-7 times everyday. My family and surrounding people seem just used to it. Their response is just as if the person had gone to a market for a walk and will be back in a while. It makes me sad, how someone who had spent countless moments with you can be forgotten so easily. Its like the humanity is dying off we are becoming Robots or we have rather switched off our humanity.

I wish when i die and its my Call of Death from that moving van, people would give me a moment of silence and atleast remember me for a day or two.

To be Continued …


20 thoughts on “The Call of Death

  1. मृत्यु भी ईश्वर का स्वरूप है……….ईश्वर नए वस्त्र लेकर आएं है…………..Keep writing this types of blog & follow my blog. I love it.

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  2. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu. I’m so glad you started this blog. Mashallah. I hope you keep on posting because it is helpful to me as I recently took shahadah about 5 months ago. Looking forward to hearing more of your perspectives as a Muslim, In Sha Allah.

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      1. Thank you okhti! Of course I will pray for you. There is a wonderful Imam here at the mosque in my town. There is a new Muslim class at that masjid and we meet on Friday evenings before maghrib. My best friend from Pakistan teaches me many things as well. My name is Rachel, by the way. Have a great day!


      2. That wonderful. If there is anything u need help in please ask me ill be grateful to help u. And am from Pakistan too and been a muslim since childhood and spent my whole life in Saudi arabia so i guess i can help u with somethings.

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