There is Beauty in Simplicity

Growing up in a country, Saudi Arabia which is the birth place of my religion Islam, we were always thought about the power of Simplicity. Although the city nights were no less in brightness than the New York city, but still inside the boundaries marked for us by our religion. I was happy and my life was just perfect until the day my father said we had to move out.

Asking a girl who has lived 24 years of her life in a city with a well established profession as a teacher, to leave all that behind and shift to a village in a stranger country, thats more than alot. But under those circumstances it was necessary and we did move out.

Today, sitting in my room looking out of the window all i could see is green grasses and tall trees with snowy mountains in the far background just as i used to draw as a child in my art classes. Our religion teaches us to always be careful about what we wish and pray for from our Lord because we never know when and under what circumstances it might come true. I don’t remember wishing for it but all this seems an exact copy of my portraits and believe me i am more than happy i left my old life behind for it.

This new world is stress free, the air is fresh and there’s always a natural fragrance in it that I didn’t felt before. Theres always a paradise waiting outside for you whenever you take a step out of your room.

To be Continued …


14 thoughts on “There is Beauty in Simplicity

  1. A sacrifice for good.. πŸ™‚
    And it is so wonderful to wake up and look out the window and find all green, snow capped mountains.

    Also, you are a human being on this planet. You will never be distinguished by your religion.. Allah has blessings on all, and all will succeed in someone way or the other.

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  2. What a calm look at the world. A reliable man from You. It is easier to live than to eternally want something and to put up when life requires us to submit. I love my children. I have three of them. And your work. I have two professions. I graduated in pedagogy and small children at school is love. The second profession came later when I was a volunteer in the hospital. I’ve learned to massage the human body and it makes me happy. Helping when something hurts. A man who has someone to love and a good job is happy, fulfilled, needed.


  3. My dear friend,

    I enjoy and like your honest way how you write about your family, your religion and own life. Thank you so much giving me an insight of your life which allows me to participate in it with my thoughts for a better understanding.

    Have a great time (by the way, I am also very keen in languages and do speak 6 languages)
    All the best


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