The Legends of a Family

They say Islam suppresses the rights of women to be educated and be equal as men in the society. Well I’d say don’t believe what you see from far a distance, come close and know the reality.

My Grand grand father was the owner of lands in the time when Pakistan was under the rule of Britain. He had a village to his name but in that time it ment a life threatening danger. He was the person who would act as a judge when something would go wrong in the community and that had made him the top ranker on a hit list.

When the generations passed and the time came for my father, he would attend school with armed guards standing by his side in a classroom. My father still continued his education with a risk everyday that maybe he might not come home today. But he didn’t want his children to go through all this and took us far away to another country. He did this so his daughters would get the best of education there is under a stress free environment. He left behind his hometown and his family just for us and never thought twice about returning until we were standing on our feet.

Nowadays Pakistan has a very strong judicial system and its safe to the extent that one can go out of the house alone in the middle of a night and not worry about anything. So we have returned to our village our people and its a bright sunshine everyday and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for having a family that everyone would want to have.

To be Continued …


68 thoughts on “The Legends of a Family

    1. “They say Islam suppresses the rights of women to be educated and be equal as men in the society.”

      Have you ever lived or visited the United States? I think you’d be shocked at the contrast between the relative safety you described in a few posts, and the freedom experienced by American women. Even if you’re an exception to the rule over there, I find it hard to believe that you can’t look around you and see several of the various ways women’s rights are suppressed where you live. I’m not saying they haven’t improved over the years either, even Saudi Arabia is made a little bit of progress compared to, oh I don’t know, 50 years ago. I think some of the restrictions are considered I think some of the restrictions are considered culturally normal by a lot the folks living in the Middle East, but in comparison to the rights afforded to women here, I find it hard to believe it wouldn’t be a stark contrast with Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Just how free are you? And is it as free as you really think you should be?

      Regarding your face, I’m also curious as to whether or not you believe in or abide by Sharia law, and if so how can you make the claim that you enjoy equal rights, that your rights as a woman aren’t suppress? I asked mainly because people like Linda sarsour advocate for Sharia law while simultaneously claiming there for equal rights, kind of a contradiction. I’m kind of in line with all of this is, with where you live right now if you were to just leave the house whenever you wanted, go wherever you wanted, could you? or how about if your beliefs are different, would you be safe or consider yourself free in the same way you do now? how do you feel about secularists And atheist? How about Christians? How are they treated over there where you live?

      in any case, am enjoying reading your blogs & I’m looking forward to reading more. 😁

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      1. Thanku for sharing your thoughts… the thing is you can exactly compare two nations with stark religious and societal differences… yes the rights of women are suppressed i agree but its not Islam thats suppessing them its the community.. maybe a person a husband or a brother who has no proper information of his religion is making his wife or sister sit at home doesn’t make Islam responsible for his doings… you are saying it yiurself, saudi arabia was ruled by sharia law 50 years before and is still ruled by sharia law today, than has changed today that they started musical concerts and women ciuld be seen walking without their face coverings now? It wasn’t islam because islam has a single book quran that hasnt change a single word since 2000 years, it was the perception of the government and the change in the understanding of people that brought the change today in Saudi Arabia…. as you read my comment above i talked islam that doesn’t suppreses women not abot some uneducated or half educated muslims that do so… take America for instance the bible dosnt say women can move around half naked in the street but women do so in America now you can’t blame the religion for it the same way yiu can’t blame islam for the doings of some people who haven’t studied their religion that well…
        regarding my face i choose to cover my face with my free will and i choose so because i respect the teachings of my religion… and that doesn’t make me anyless than a man walking in the streets with his face unhidden … i still can go to school choose the job i want to do and do anything that a man can do … and asking my parents to go out of home i just vinsider it a respect towards my parents then considering myslef held in a jail because its better than leaving your parents in old houses bcause now that yiu have grown up they suddenly have started to invade your privacy… sorry but thats the truth our society is much more safer for women than the westerm society ….
        and regarding the treatment if christians and atheists we consider them human same as us not like in America where even their president don’t them of us as human … a christian women can walk in the streets of an islamic country in her dressing, surely she’ll get some stares but no one will put a veil on her by force as compared to some western countries where muslim women are forced to remive their veil which they choose to wear by their own free will …

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      2. As a man, I’m curious how you can judge the freedom of women in the US? I’m a 50 year old woman who appears to be “free” in the US but am I really? Yes, I can walk down the street at night – but I’m always fearful of being attacked, as are most American women. I can vote – but does my vote actually count when all I am from a state that is 100% Republican and predominantly white male? There is, quite literally, no one to whom I can voice a complaint, to whom I can take my grievance, the cops are ALL white males and they bully the women and minorities who even suggest that there are problems in my all white, male governed town. Women my age are considered “old” “hags” “backward” “Grannies” “useless” On a scale of the least desired hires, middle aged women are dead last behind white males, African American males, Asian males and females, African American females, Hispanics, Middle Eastern male and females and THEN, finally, middle age white women. Do I feel free? Free to do what exactly? I am judged on my looks, my age, my background, my voice… I envy Muslim women the comfort of the veil because they are NOT hassled or judged on their appearance. Can you even comprehend how freeing that would be? However, it is just a little ethno-centric of you, and a tad bit ignorant, for you to assume that all Muslims are Shi-ite especially considering that the vast majority of those in Pakistan are Sunni. I hope you will learn the difference.

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    1. People should know that all people are created in the image of the Most High, Who allows those who live on this earth, to be there. As creatures, allowed by God/Allah to be here, we should respect that and should respect them, whatever skin-colour, culture or religion they may have or even when they do not believe in a god or The God.

      Those who call themselves Christian should show that there is a real difference between a non-believer doing good and they who should be under Christ. Much too often we do not see those so called Christians living up to the teachings of the master teacher Jeshua (Jesus). In certain countries we see Christians doing as much damage to Christianity as in other countries those extremist Muslims do to the Islam.

      Those who really believe in the One True God should share their love for God and each other with each other and by their example should bring others to God/Allah, the elohim Hashem Jehovah.

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  1. The video you linked to shows something which should not be possible in any civilised community. It also show how certain people look at others and treat them as lower beings. For sure both the actions taken by the police officer as well the attitude of the people at the event show a non-christian attidude. Everywhere in the world we can see a lot of difference between the way of life and the so called religion and the teaching s of the so called followed books.The moral and ethics in the United States of America as well in other Western countries is often far away from what is written in the Bible (Old and New Testament).

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    1. Thats true and so we ask the same state of thinking to be applied to muslims as well while judging them … if a certain muslim person does something wrong that doesn’t imply the whole religion to be wrong is just the singular person and he shall be judged for his actions… there are many muslim countries that have very good morals when in comes to living in a society but the western world doesn’t know about them because they judge us by something thats infront if them not something that’s happened behind them

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      1. Your entire religion, as are all religions, wrong.
        It is based on the belief in a deity called Allah/Yahweh.
        The Qur’an is nonsense.
        It rejects much archaeological and historical evidence where is pertains to the Pentateuch.

        How is this in any way a misunderstanding?

        Furthermore, you revere a man called Mohammed who by all accounts of decency was at some point in his life a war mongering pedophile.

        Currently there is a war going in in Syria that has at its core the Islamic religion.

        ISIS is an extremist sect of Islam that is simply insane – I can think of no other word to best describe them or their activities?

        How we doing so far?

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      2. So are you saying that the Qur’an’s acceptance of many of the similar stories as found in the Pentateuch is considered fact?

        At its root, is the war in Syria not about religion/fighting between different sects of Islam?
        Are you suggesting ISIS is not simply a different interpretation of the Islamic religion?
        Are you saying Mohammed did not amass an army on the border of Syria and invade?

        Oh, and while I am here, do you believe that Mohammed flew on a winged horse?

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      3. About ISIS no sane muslim will ever say that they have anything even slightly to do with Islam … they are just a group who have their own political agendy they have nothing to do with Islam or the true Islam thats always preached us Peace to be the priority …. and the rest of your alligations are just something ill think I didn’t even read because you are just writing out things thats put into your mind by your surroundings and sadly you find them true because you haven’t given the other side of the story any chance to say anything

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      4. About ISIS no sane Muslim will ever say that they have anything even slightly to do with Islam

        Well, ISIS consider they are devout Muslims.
        Much like the Ayatolla Khomeni did in his day and age. And he was certifiably inane.
        And if it was all right for a warmonger like Mohammed to invade Syria then I am pretty sure ISIS feel justified doing what they are doing for the glory of your god.

        You consider people such as Joseph and Abraham to be genuine historical figures. As you do Moses.
        And of course this is nonsense.
        Archaeology has demonstrated that the Captivity and Exodus did not happen.

        Are you afraid to make answer regarding the claim that Mohammed was supposed to have flown on a winged horse?
        Surely a seeker of truth and one who wishes to show the true Islam should not shy away from such questions?
        How can I trust your sincerity if you balk at the first hurdle?
        Do you believe he flew to heaven on a winged horse? Yes or No?

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      5. Ofcourse i belive he did it … because i am a Muslim and I believe in my religion and am not gonna shy away from it because it sounds a joke to someone who thinks that a big bang just created this vast creation that breaths eats and talks …. how is this whole universe working on its own if there is no one behind it and ofcourse i belive in Moses and Abraham to be the Prophets of Allah and I Believe in what they brought along with them in their books ….

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      6. Ofcourse i belive he did it … because i am a Muslim

        Then you have nothing of value to say regarding your religion that can possibly persuade me that you are sadly willfully ignorant of science and are nothing but indoctrinated.

        I suggest you investigate archaeology before you espouse religious rhetoric.
        And may I also recommend you listen to several testimonies from Muslims who have deconverted.
        Their stories are eye-openers, especially when one considers you accept the death penalty for apostates.

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  2. I think Western misconceptions are because they think of all Islamic countries as being the same. Pakistan is unlike Afghanistan is unlike Saudi Arabia. Where the rights of women are suppressed are countries where Fundamentalists rule or Daesh who don’t agree with the education of women.I believe Saudi Arabia’s moved to open more opportunities to women is because they have to defend somehow their human rights abuses.
    The Countries of the West are not all the same either and you’re right that the USA is not somewhere you could hold up as a good example today. That is down to politics and not religion though. About people not caring for the idea that all people are equal.
    Your blog looks like it will be interesting.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your story, your life. We are all interconnected, regardless of where we might live, what faith we practice (or not). Stories can be the same, especially for women who still often live under the domain of men. Yes, here in the States we do as well. Be it our pay in a job, our treatment by family and more. It is a path we women must juggle, delicately at times. I am so grateful that you are sharing your story and I look forward to learning more. Peace be with you.

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  4. Oh thankyou SO much for visiting my Blog, because it has led me to yours. And I ALWATS wondered what it was like to luve in a Muslim family. I have just read two of your bits of writing, and I am fascinated. I want to read more, and will do. Thankyou so much for writing this Blog. It will be an education for me. I am blind, so sometimes make errors in typing, so please bear with me if I do.

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      1. And you too. I live in England, and my mother, who is 93 on December 26th lives on a street whare almost everyone is Muslim. She is not religious at all, but did go to church when she was a child. The family opposite to her is very nice, and the older man there is the Imam of one of the mosques. We have three mosques in our town, and I myself am Catholic, but my Catholic church is right next to a mosque, and the man who used to be our priest was very very friendly with the local mosque and the Imam, and we were unvited once a year to go into the mosque. They had an Open Day to foster goid relations with the rest of the town, but I could not go, because I am blind and wheekchair bound too. But it is SO nice that such good relations existed. That priest has gone now though, and the new one is not as goid. Sad.

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      2. England is an educated country with a very welcoming people and so they know that religion doesn’t define a persons identity and his beliefs… i would love to visit your community if i could someday and i would love it even more to have you here and show you the real hospitality of our people ..

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      3. Thankyou. Yes, I agree with you. The Imam from across the street from my mother bought her a big bouquet of flowers when she fell and broke her hip. He was so nice, i agree thar relugion and race does not matrer. We are alk human beings and shoule respect each other, and not put up barrjers. It is so nice to talk to you. My doctor is from Pakistan, and she is beautiful and she saved my life when I had cancer, i have often windered what life is like for girls in Pakistan. Or in a Muslim family.

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      4. I am so glad that you have recovered i wish you all the happiness in life … you are such an inspirational lady … and you must keep fighting never loose hope because there is always someone looking after you and you are their reason for all the happiness in this life … Be Strong

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      5. And you too. Thankyou for those kind wirds. I will continue to read your Blog, and to find out more about your faith, i am so interested,

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  5. Well, I have always believed that muslim daughters aren’t allowed to study properly. But I was never sure about it. It was just my observation. I am so glad that your father decided so. So far, I am enjoying reading your posts.

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  6. I absolutely love your writing. You not only write beautifully, but it is so interesting to read a different view of a woman’s life growing up as you have. Please keep writing; I am now one of your subscribers and it is fascinating!

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