A Ray of Sunshine

In Islam we believe that God never puts a burden on you that’s unbearable for you. You are only tested to the point from where you can return back. My life might have been a mess these past years but somehow i found a new hope in the dark. I made a new friend or you could say I adopted a new friend.

Her name is Bella. I have never owned a dog or any animal before. The reason maybe because we used to live in flats and that could became a bit of a mess to have an animal there too considering the size of the place. But as we’ve shifted now and its huge i can adopt one.

She is the most adorable lil creature. I never thought I’d be in love with her because i used to be scared of them but now its the complete opposite. My dream was to continue my education and get a doctorate degree but because i got for the admissions I couldn’t get into my desired college. I was devastated and in severe depression for a couple of months. Its when my brother brought her home and left her under my care, i came back to being happy a saw a raw of hope in life.

To everyone reading this, let life carry on and ket it test you with all its got. By the end of the day there will still be a way out of all the mess and you’ll somehow find it soner or later.

To Be Continued …


36 thoughts on “A Ray of Sunshine

  1. Christianity also. :). 1 Corinthians 10:13.

    Nice puppy, I’m glad the pup rekindled your fire. Sorry your school choice didn’t work out. Maybe God has a different route for you, you never know.


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    1. I am not sure of the connection between the listed scripture and the pup. One has nothing to do with the other? The verse in 1 Cor. 10: 2 is talking to the Jews that had been baptized with Mose’s. The theme of the chapter is we are to follow the Hebrew God/Elohim. What God are you following?

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  2. Thank you for sharing!… 🙂

    “The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try, and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown.


  3. Your brother might have left Bella under your care to lift your spirits up. Pets can do that for us suffering from maladies. Wishing you will be able to continue your education to any colleges that would help you further your education regardless you like it or not. God had a way of making us resilient. Love dogs.

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  4. This is lovely and actually really appropriate for January when, I think, a lot of us can be feeling down or at least not living up to our own expectations. I’d love to have a dog and hope to get one this year 🙂 If anything, your post makes me want one even more!! It’s not the same but initially I got turned away from my first choice university as an undergraduate and I was heart-broken until a couple of weeks later I ended up getting in. So definitely keep going and keep dreaming. Really nice post 🙂

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  5. Dogs love us unconditionally and that is why they are so perfect. After my poodle died at 16 years old I was heart broken. Then, after months past I adopted a Beagle/Dachshund mix. He cheers me up with his antics. He is my best friend. I adopted him two years ago and I am so very happy to have the little fella in my life.
    Keep reaching for your dreams, your goals. Disappointments hurt that is for sure, but if you just keep moving forward you can achieve those goals you have set for yourself. Keep looking forward. Tomorrow is always another day and with it a new opportunity.

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  6. I am so sorry you didn’t get into your desired collage to study for a doctorate. That’s so frustrating. Have you thought about reapplying for a different course in a similar field, with a different supervisor? Sometimes a slight change in direction can help us go round the barriers. I love your dog and I am glad that she is a great comfort – all animals are.

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  7. Good you did I only hear Muslims screaming a dog is not halal and they need to wash themselves 8 times after touching it. I wonder why it is harder for a woman to deserve heaven and why men are rewarded with 72 virgins.

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  8. I wouldn’t live without my animals. They are a joy in my life. One of them died today of natural causes (a cat, Musafa, who was 14 years old) and I had to allow him to die naturally as I was unable to take him to the vet). He gave me so much joy during our years together as did all of my animals. I made him comfortable, and let him lie next to me as he slept mostly and ultimately made his transition. I am glad you were also able to get a pet. He is a beautiful creature and I am sure will give you a lot of joy too. We gave him a burial out in our back yard with two of our other dogs from the past that we rescued from abuse and abandonment. All of our pets live many years happily, for they know they are loved, and they shower us too with their love.

    I have some six Chihuahuas and a couple of them might be mixes. One is deaf and does not speak, but all are sweet and loveable. I have one cat left, two goldfish and two alien catfish as I like to call them because of their funny looks and personalities. They are my family members besides my significant other, Richard, and he is one of the human ones along with me. I don’t want to be without any of them.

    As for the beliefs and practices of Muslims, many religions of this world have similar belief systems with very slight changes in them. This world, despite our desire to have it be otherwise as women, has always been largely run by men, so it is not anything specific to Muslims. And there have been a number of times in history when women had charge of their countries. These are recorded in many histories of the world. So it is more a thing of different cultures of the world and not so much just the Muslims.

    I am not any particular religion, but appreciate the beliefs of most of them and most each one has something good to offer. I am a spiritual person, especially when it comes to nature and all its creatures. And I appreciate most all cultures. It is not always the culture or beliefs, but individuals and how they interpret what they know or how they want to believe.

    Thank you one and all. Peace and blessings, Anne

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  9. I like you do not belong to any religion but only hold to belief there is one God. Your comments were great and insightful. Ignorance is the absence of knowledge; knowledge is the attainment of wisdom just my thoughts age has an alchemy to it.

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  10. Hi Muslim misconceptions. I read your article on A Day of Sunshine. Happy to know that your dog Bella could help you to come out of your sad feelings. It is true these animals have great healing powers that can help to soothe our minds. I also wish to buy one for myself but because of some circumstances am unable to. I have a ray of Hope! Enjoyed reading your article.


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