Mental Torture

Life is like a roller coaster, It’s never steady. When you wish for good days to come, you’ll have to go through the worst before knowing it’s true value. We all have been hurt in life, at some point even to the point of collapsing but it’s never as hard as watching someone go through pain because of you.

Being a reason of someone’s pain is the last thing i ever wanted. Watching them suffer day and night and wondering what they might be thinking about me while going through that pain is Torture. It’s a mental torture that’s eating me from inside out. Maybe it’s easier when you wish bad for that person but it’s a complete devastation when you never wished anything bad to happen to them ever and you can’t do anything to ease their pain.

Maybe thats how life teaches us lessons, maybe thats how we grow. It might make us stronger but you never know if you really would be fine at the end of all this.

To be Continued …


9 thoughts on “Mental Torture

  1. Thanks for sharing.. I would have to ask myself why I am the cause for someone else’s pain.. if the other person’s “pain” is because I refuse to live my life their way, they are the problem, not me… 🙂

    “Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come”.


  2. I can hear your pain, your post is so true, we have to go thru hard times to have good times. If not we don’t learn and grow. I ask God often for strenght to help me crawl thru the pain, I know I can’t do it by myself. The sun will shine in your heart again. You are stronger than you think you are.


  3. The sorrow and the regret in your voice speaks volumes about the true goodness in your heart; your kind soul is reflected in the words you have used to say that you did not intend to cause this other person to suffer. Your intent was not to cause that person pain. If possible, let that person know. We all make mistakes unfortunately. Ask for forgiveness, if possible. As I have said, your kind soul and good heart is reflected in the sorrow you have expressed. Life hurts, and there are times we are in need of forgiveness, and then there are times we have to forgive. It is never easy. May God’s blessings help comfort and guide you, as well as the other person.

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  4. Can we really alleviate another person’s pain? I think we can be there in case we are needed. It is the person who is in the vortex, has to deal with his pain and come to a solution.


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