The Beginning of a new Journey

Dear Diary

Well to be honest, I don’t know how to start off the story to my life. It’s as if going on a roller coaster ride, that wont come to a stop, just keep on going the same track over and over again. I became a member of this site just to show case the reality of an ordinary Muslim girl’s life under some unordinary conditions.

I’ll keep the details coming up slowly for the coming days but bare with me it’s as interesting as one could think of.

The picture above shows my present location ( KPK, Pakistan). It’s in these beautiful mountains that i have shifted to, 5 months before, from a completely different country. A country known for its deserts, Saudi Arabia. Yes thats a different story to come up.

For today, i am feeling as excited as a child holding a new toy in hands, to be sharing my life with those who might’ve had a wrong conception about me.

Right now am sitting in this room filled with darkness at 6:32 pm listening to the beautiful adhan ( the call for prayer). This prayer always reminds me of time i have spent in Saudi Arabia. It had a special meaning for me beside just a prayer becuase my childhood teacher at the age of 6 used to give out those prayers 5 time everyday until the day i left that country and everyone behind, last year after spending 24 years of my life there, which would mean my whole life.

I end this today with a wish that tomorrow’s sunshine will bring a day that would be as unique as the past 5 months ive spent in these mountains.

To be continued …